We are Keisuke group, a Japanese owned and run family of businesses operating in the UK. We are proud to offer our services to the UK based on traditional Japanese skills, values and service which we think may be lacking in today’s modern busy lifestyle.

Our roots are in Hairdressing where Keisuke arrived from Japan after completing seven years of hairdressing in Tokyo. In 1992 he began using his skills in London and six years later Keisuke Hair Artists was born. Offering traditional oriental hairdressing to the local Japanese community it didn’t take long before the business became successful and grew to accommodate other Asian and Western clientele. Twenty years later, Keisuke Hair has become a well respected Japanese Hair cutting destination in London.

Not content with styling humans he turned his artistic flair and launched an online doggy boutique offering clothes and accessories for pampered pooches. 犬の洋服屋さん”Wanchan London” is dedicated at introducing English fashion for dogs in Japan.

Most recently in 2013 Keisuke introduced a range of 100% natural makeup mineral powders and paraben free organic skin care which he branded as ‘Saiya Minerals’. With such a natural ethos it wasn’t long before Saiya began receiving industry skin care awards for his range of natural products.

With an insight into how we operate and how we care for our clients and businesses view any of our web sites, and see how we can help you today.

Keisuke Sai
齋 啓介
Company Director
Private Stylist
KEISUKE HAIR ケイスケ ヘアーアーティスト LONDON W5
Saiya Minerals
100%天然化粧品 &オーガニック スキンケア お肌に優しい自然派化粧品
Wanchan London
犬のブティック ドッグウェアー・洋服屋 オンライン ショップ